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CryptoMixer.io Review: High-Volume Mixing

A detailed review into CryptoMixer.ioIf you are looking for a Bitcoin tumbler which can mix large-scale transactions, CryptoMixer.io is an attractive option. The maximum mixing volume was around 500 BTC at the time of writing which is pretty big as compared to other services on the market. In addition, the site enables you to adjust the fees and delay periods for individual wallets which further improves anonymization. 

Standard FeaturesSpecial Features
Clearnet URL: https://cryptomixer.io/
Onion URL: http://


Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
Fees: 0.5%-3%, adjusted manually
No-Logs Policy: Yes
Additional Addresses: 10
Distribution Control: Yes, user controlled
Time Delay: Yes, controlled by individual address
Letter of Guarantee: Yes

1. Ability to mix large amounts of Bitcoins

2. Adjustable fees

3. Up to 10 output wallets

4. Delays for up to 96 hours

What is the main benefit of this mixer? 

As we've said above, CryptoMixer.io is all about processing large volumes of Bitcoins. The site states that the service maintains extremely big reserves which are constantly ready to be used in the operations. It also says that you can review the actual proof of this at their official Bitcointalk thread. 

How to use CryptoMixer.io?

The site is pretty easy to use, but it still makes sense to familiarise yourself with all the features in order to prevent any mistakes when mixing the actual Bitcoins. And this is what we intend to do in this review. Look through the detailed walk-through and know how to adjust all settings and activate features at the tumbler.

Step 1. Launch the mixing process

Go to the site's main page and click the Start button. 

Launching the mixing process at CryptoMixer.io

Let's go over all the settings you can adjust at the service so that you know exactly what each of those means.

Step 2. Specify the mixing code

A mixing code is a code you receive from a Bitcoin tumbler after you have performed your first transaction there. Subsequently, you can use this coin in order to make sure that you don't receive any of your own coins in return for the new Bitcoins you send to the site. 

Input the mixing code from previous operations

Whenever you use a new mixer for the first time, you won't have any mixing code yet. And so you should leave this field empty. 

If you want to learn more about the inner workings of Bitcoin mixers, here is the great Guide on Bitcoin Mixers. Here you'll find the detailed explanations for all the major terms and functionalities in this niche. 

Step 3. Specify the first receiving address

In the next field, specify the receiving address you want to send your Bitcoins to. A receiving address shouldn't be connected to your identity in any way. Otherwise, this will undermine the whole purpose of your mixing operation.

Input the receiving address in the field shown on the screenshot.

Input the first receiving address for the mixing gig

We'll talk about setting up multiple wallets in a bit. 

Step 4. Set the fee level

Below you see the slider for you to toggle between the different fee values. It is accompanied by the fee level name. 

Set the fee levels for the operation

If you drag the slider to the right, the level will change from standard to silver and then to gold.

In order to understand the difference between these three levels, click on the small arrow in order to see the descriptions.

Review the descriptions for the fee levels

Thus, at the Silver level you get the ability to set the delays for up to 24 hours, two output wallets and no fast payout confirmation. We’ll look into the other two fee tiers below.

Step 5. Create the second receiving address

Now let's go above and create the second output wallet. To do this, click the Add address button. 

Add the second address for the mixer

Step 6. Set the delay periods 

Now that we have the two wallets in place, we can adjust the settings for them. Of course, you can use just one receiving address, but we generally recommend using no less than two of them.

Let’s set the delays for each of the two wallets. To do that, click the Set Delay button. 

Set the delays for the two wallets

After you've clicked on the button, the slider will appear where you'll be able to set the values. 

Adjust the delay values as far away from each other as possible

It's extremely important for you to set the mixing delays that are pretty far away from each other. Whenever you create a delay, this means that a specific period of time will elapse between the time when you input the amount and when the output transaction is generated.

Thus, the mixer will be able to receive and process a certain amount of transactions for other users in the meantime. This is a great way to prevent the blockchain analysis attack on your mixing transactions and hide your path on the blockchain.

CryptoMixer.io reviewed here is different from all other tumblers since here the fee level you choose impacts your ability to adjust certain settings. Thus, if you want to delay the payout transaction for a longer period, you need to use a higher fee.

Set the delays for up to 96 hours at CryptoMixer.io

If you drag the slider to the utmost right position, you will be able to set the maximum possible delays at 96 hours.

Step 7. Set the distribution percentages

The next step would be to adjust the distribution percentages between the wallets.

Play with the distribution percentages between the wallets

By default, the system divides the output transactions into the two equal shares. This is a big problem because it gets very easy for the blockchain analyst to identify that those output transactions are probably associated with your input transaction. Blockchain analysis is all about the probabilities and potential connections between the transactions recorded on the blockchain. Of course, nobody will be able to claim with the 100% confidence that the transactions are associated, but, at the same time, the receiving addresses you use will be deemed as associated and tracked for years to come. 

That's why, using uneven distribution percentages makes a lot of sense for obfuscation of your transactions. 

Step 8. Add the third-tenth wallets

If you want to use more than two output addresses, you can click the Add address button and set up the needed amount of the wallets.

While you do that, the fee slider will automatically bump up.

The slider will automatically bump up whenever you specify more than 2 addresses

Thus, you will be upgraded to the Silver Level. 

And if you want to use 6-10 output addresses, you will get bumped up to the Gold Level.

Make sure that you scramble the fee level values a little in order to make them more random as compared to the round levels picked for each tier by the system. 

Step 9. Calculate the final output amount 

You can also use a Bitcoin mixer as a clearing layer when sending out payments to other persons. CryptoMixer.io makes it easy for you to clean payments with a nifty calculator. 

First, click on the Use Calculator button.

Use the calculator when cleaning payments

Second, specify the final amount you want to furnish to that person in Field 1 shown at the screenshot below. 

Specify the final amount you want to send

The system will calculate the Bitcoins amount you need to send in order to generate the respective output transaction. 

Step 10. Continue with the process

Now that we have adjusted all the settings for the Bitcoin mix, you should click the Continue button. 

Click the continue button to move on with the process

Then you will need to confirm the important terms of use. Make sure to read through the notice and remember that you can send the incoming transactions to the mixer's account only within 24 hours. Any subsequent payments will not be recognised by the administrators as valid and will be simply ignored.

Step 11. Download and save the Letter of Guarantee

The Letter of Guarantee is a document which is used to prove that you did actually send the coins to the mixer and that the wallet address you see at this site is actually owned by the mixer.

Download the Letter of Guarantee

Save this document securely so that you can produce it to the support time whenever you face any problems with your transactions. The administrators will not be willing to help you  without this document. 

Step 12. Send the Bitcoins to the mixer

Now, you are ready to send the Bitcoins to CryptoMixer.io.

As shown on the screenshot below, you can either copy and paste the wallet address or scan the QR code.

Send the Bitcoins to CryptoMixer.io

If you decide to use the address itself, you should always copy and paste the same. Since if you try to retype it, this might result in errors. And the transactions in Bitcoin are irreversible and there's no support team to ask help from whenever something goes wrong. 

Step 13. Add additional incoming addresses

You can also add a number of additional addresses. To do that click the "Add incoming address" located below the already provided address. 

Add another incoming address

This is a unique feature and we think that CryptoMixer.io reviewed here is the only Bitcoin tumbler who has it.

Step 14. Save the mixing code 

At the last stage of the process, you need to copy and save the mixing code. 

Saving the mixing code securely for the reuse

We have provided a detailed explanation on the mixing code at the start of this review.

What is the maximum amount of Bitcoins available for tumbling at the service? 

The actual maximum amount of Bitcoins you can tumble at any specific moment varies. You can see the information about it in the second window. At the time of writing, it was 490 Bitcoins.

See the maximum amount of Bitcoins available for mixing

It's a pretty large amount and we are certain that CryptoMixer.io will be able to successfully process your transactions for the large amount. 

Should you mix Bitcoins at all?

While some folks believe that Bitcoins are completely anonymous and there's no need for enhanced anonymity here, it's not completely true. The Bitcoins are pseudonymous.

The wallet addresses are completely anonymized which means that they aren't connected to the user's identity in any way. But the second you decide to withdraw funds to your exchange-based wallet where you have officially registered with your identity, the overall path on the blockchain gets shared with anybody around the world - both with regards to past and future transactions.

Now, anybody can freely analyse your purchases, buying habits, sources of funds and basically the amount of money you have in the bank account. Naturally, this goes against your understandable desire to retain confidentiality for your financial operations. Mixing your Bitcoins gives you just that. Mixers usually charge around 1-5% depending on the number of output wallets you want to use.

CryptoMixer offers the full set of the features needed to mix your Bitcoins. So if you are just starting up with mixing Bitcoins, give it a try. In particular, if you need to clean a big stash of Bitcoins.


CryptoMixer.io positions itself as a perfect choice for large-scale mixing operations. The site says that users can clean up to 500 BTC. The system enables you to specify up to 10 output wallets while you can also adjust the delays and distribution percentages for each of them. In addition, you can set up the randomized fee values for better obfuscation. There are three tiers of fee levels depending on how many output addresses you want to utilize. The CryptoMixer team has presented official proofs for their Bitcoin reserves which you can familiarise with in their official Bitcointalk thread.

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