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MixTum Review: High-Quality Coins from Exchanges

A detailed review of Mixtum, offering the premium quality for mixer users

If you are looking for a premium-quality mixer, MixTum might be just what you need. The team claims that the coins you'll receive in return for your Bitcoins come from the major cryptocurrency exchanges. And it's widely known that only clean coins can enter those ecosystems after passing through rigorous KYC/AML checks. We've reviewed the overall process at MixTum and assessed the main features the service offers, so that you can use it with ease.

Standard Features

Unique Features

Clearnet URL: https://mixtum.io/
Onion URL: http://mixtum5lbuslyow2.onion/
Minimum Deposit: 0.005 BTC
Fees: 4%-5% chosen randomly
No-Logs Policy: Yes
Additional Addresses: 2
Distribution Control: No
Time Delay: Yes, 6 hours (but no control)
Letter of Guarantee: Yes

1. Coins come only from cryptocurrency exchanges

2. Tumbler doesn’t mix coins from different users in a pool

3. Extremely high fees (4-5%) as compared to other mixers, charged for the premium quality of service

Is this tumbler a scam?

No, it has been around for some time. The team has active threads on Bitcointalk and Reddit where you can read reviews from other users. 

Who is this service best for?

MixTum is focused on those users who are seeking the premium quality of the coins. This can be a good choice when you mix coins for subsequent use on exchanges and similar websites. Presumably, after using this tumbler you'll have no problem with any institutions that implement the KYC/AML rules. 

How does it work?

Let's take a peak at how this service works and what you have to do in order to use it. Read carefully so that you don't make any bad mistakes here. Importantly, mixers are completely anonymous and there's no support desk who'll be able to resurrect your coins, so you need to know what you are doing every step of the way. 

Step 1. Start the process

Go to the site's main page and click the Mix My Coins button. 

Stat the mix option at MixTum

You won’t need to use the real Bitcoins for this walk-through, but you’ll also get to see all the internal processes here.

Step 2. Specify the first receiving address

In the new window, you'll see the two fields where you have to specify at least one receiving address while the second address is optional.

Specify the receiving addresses for your mix

If you don't know what the "receiving address" means and if you are just starting to mix Bitcoins, you might face a steep learning curve. We are helping the newcomers with our detailed Guide on Bitcoin Mixers on everything about the crypto tumblers. 

How do you use receiving addresses? 

First, you have to send the Bitcoins you want to clean to the mixer's address. Subsequently, the site furnishes the clean coins to a receiving address which you own too. The receiving address shouldn't be connected to your identity in any way. 

The mixing operation enables you to conceal your path from the blockchain analysis.

Step 3. Specify the second address

As we showed in the image above, it's only two receiving addresses that you can specify at this tumbler. This is a pretty low number as compared to other providers.

Does the number of addresses actually matter?

With the governmental agencies all around the world trying to deanonymize the transactions recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain, it's clear that using all the precautions you have at your disposal when cleansing coins is a smart move. Thus, distributing the incoming payment across multiple receiving addresses makes perfect sense. However, if you really want to enjoy the premium quality of service here at MixTum, you can also do the second "mix" and disperse the coins across 5-10 wallets at another site. 

Why doesn't MixTum enable me to adjust any other settings? 

When writing this MixTum review, we were surprised to see that the site doesn't enable you to set up the standard parameters for the mix, widely available elsewhere. A good example for comparison would be ChipMixer where you can play with all kinds of gamification mechanics in order to completely randomize your transactions.

The reason for MixTum to avoid providing such features as the ability to adjust delays for each individual payout wallet and the ability to set percentage distributions is the fact that they source coins directly from exchanges. They cooperate with a multitude of traders and platforms which "invest" their funds into MixTum, so that users like you can tumble their coins. This is a conceptually different approach when compared to other mixers where coins from different users are mixed together.

The trade-off is that the team isn't able to enable users to identify the delay periods and distribution percentages. They have to wait till the automatic system inside the mixer accesses the sufficient liquidity from those providers.

And, thus, the team also believes offering only two receiving addresses is completely enough. Again, if you want to obfuscate your path a bit more, you can always do the second mixing run at another service.

So, all you have to do now is to click the Send button. 

Step 4. Download the Letter of Guarantee

When you get transferred to the next page, you'll first need to download the Letter of Guarantee. This is a txt file which is used by the mixer in order to prove that the specified wallet is really owned by them and you are not being led into some kind of phishing scheme. 

You don't have to check anything in the file but just download it on your computer and preferably save the copy on another device. 

Download and save the Letter of Guarantee

In case that something goes wrong with your mixing operation, you'll need to present this document to the customer support. Otherwise, they will probably refuse to review your query. 

Step 5. Deposit the Bitcoins 

Now that we have dealt with all the preliminary actions, we can actually send the coins to the service.

Deposit your Bitcoins to MixTum's address

Field 1 tells you the minimum and maximum amounts. Though the screenshot says that the minimum amount is 5 BTC, the tumbler's FAQ page also gives the amount of 0.005 BTC. So, it's clear the real number is 0.005 BTC.

You can either copy and paste the address into your wallet or you can use the scan code for your convenience. Make sure that you copy the address as opposed to writing it down manually since there’s always the risk of making mistakes.

Step 6. Calculate the final amount

If you scroll down a bit, you'll see the section where you can calculate the actual final amount you'll receive after all the fees and commissions have been charged. 

Calculate the actual final amount after all fees have been paid

This helps when you want to mix a specific amount of money. The fees at this service are picked randomly by the system and range around 4-5%.

Step 7. Send more coins

And if you go up above from this section, you'll see the button "Send more coins". 

Click the button to send more coins to the mixer

Clicking this button will result in your returning to the first page. Thus, you'll be able to launch another mixing operation from scratch. 

Though the tumbler enables you to send multiple transactions to the same wallet within 7 days from the start time, it's much easier to just create another transaction and do it separately. 

Is MixTum really unique?

The team claims that it's a totally new type of mixers. They say that they mix the coins from users with Bitcoins from exchanges and thus improve the quality of output coins.

Let’s take a deeper look into their internal processes so that we can identify the specific competitive advantages they offer. 

#1. Ability to do a free test 

First of all, the site allows new users to test how the mixer functions completely free. 

To test the system, go to the main page and click the Try Now For Free button. 

Do a free test at the site

Importantly, the amount you send should be 0.01 BTC, no less and no more. Plus, you can specify only one payout address for this transaction. 

#2. Ability to make exact payments

Another great option at the service is making precise payments. 

Here's the button to launch this operation. 

Make precise payments with MixTum

If you click on it, you'll be taken to the next window. 

Adjust the payment settings

Use Field 1 in order to specify the exact amount you want to transfer to your counterparty. And don't forget to specify your own receiving address for any change that's left after the payment has been made. 

Then click the Send button. You'll get transferred to the second page of the process which we talked about above. 

#3. Getting the coins from exchanges

The main pitch at this crypto-mixer is that they are sourcing the coins right from some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. 

MixTum receives the coins from exchanges for the mix runs

And it's not just about getting the coins from exchange-based traders, but the team also claims that they perform a certain scoring process. 

All coins from exchanges undergo the scoring process

According to the description of the process, the system automatically assigns grades to different cohorts of the Bitcoins coming from the exchanges. 

Subsequently, the system considers the specific parameters of the incoming request and determines the optimal settings to be used. The overall mixing period is no more than 6 hours. 

Is MixTum capable of mixing 50 BTC?

The website states that the maximum mixing amount is 50 BTC. This is a pretty big amount of money, and you might doubt whether the team can procure this volume of Bitcoins. 

However, the team has specified in FAQ that it doesn't actually have the respective funds at their disposal since the Bitcoins are actually raised from the cryptocurrency traders whenever a new request comes in. 

And, taking into account a large number of various traders looking for passive income opportunities, we can suppose that this is really capable of obtaining the required financing - even for the large-scale transaction with the amount of up to 50 BTC.


MixTum positions itself as a premium-quality service provider. The team claims that the coins are sourced from some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. The proprietary mechanism is used to score the incoming coins by quality and determine all the parameters for your mixing operation. There's nothing for users to adjust at this tumbler which is completely different from other mixers. It's hard to verify the claims made by the team. But if their claims are true, MixTum is a pretty unique offering as compared to other mixers we've reviewed at this site. Now you can go to MixTum and test out the system for yourself.

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