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Blender.io Review: Adjustable Fees and Unlimited Receiving Addresses

Detailed review into Blender.io

If you are looking for a simple Bitcoin mixer that enables to split payouts among a large number of receiving addresses, Blender.io might be a great choice. The tumbler also enables users to randomly adjust the fees which helps obfuscation. Interestingly, there's no ability to adjust the percentage distributions "out of the box", but whenever you pick a higher fee, you'll be able to assure a more uneven distribution too.

Standard FeaturesSpecial Features
Clearnet URL: https://blender.io/
Onion URL: http://blenderiopnzbuvtv...6wrulowcludad.onion/
Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
Fees: 0.5%-2%, manually chosen by user
No-Logs Policy: Yes
Additional Addresses: 2
Distribution Control: No (more uneven distribution when applying a higher fee)
Time Delay: Yes, controlled by individual address
Letter of Guarantee: Yes

1. Unlimited number of output wallets

2. Ability to manually adjust the fees for higher unpredictability

3. Ability to win from uneven distribution whenever a higher fee is chosen

4. Simple and easy-to-use interface

What’s the biggest difference of this service?

Those users who tumble significant amounts of Bitcoins on a regular basis might like the fact that the mixer offers an unlimited number of output wallets. Other sites usually limit this number at around 5-10 wallets which can seriously limit your mix operations. 

How to use Blender.io to mix Bitcoins?

Let's take a detailed walk-through as we've done with other services. We'll tell you how to use all of the features and settings in order to better obfuscate the pathway of your Bitcoins on the blockchain.

Step 1. Specify the first receiving address

Go to the site's main page. Find the field shown at the screenshot and input the receiving address.

Input the first receiving address

If you are completely new to Bitcoin mixing, it'll make sense to familiarise yourself with how the niche works. That's why we created the in-depth Guide about Bitcoin Mixers. After looking through it, you'll know all the major terms and understand what features better suit your specific needs and use case.

Make sure that the receiving address you specify isn't connected with your identity in any way. Otherwise, the whole purpose for the mixing gig won't be achievable anymore.

Now let’s move on to figuring out the other settings, and we’ll add another wallet in a bit

Step 2. Set the delay period for the first wallet

Now, we'll need to specify the delay period applicable to this specific wallet. 

To do that, click on Field 1 shown at the screenshot and scroll down till you find the period length that you need. 

Set the delay for the first address

When you decide on the delay period, anything is better than 0 hours. Thus, it depends on how much time you are prepared to wait. At Blender.io you can enjoy some of the longest delay periods we've seen around - from 1H up to 7 days.

If you set the delay for 3 hours, then the mixer will receive multiple incoming transactions within that period and then send out the Bitcoins to your receiving address. In this way, you are acting to prevent the cluster blockchain analysis on your mixes.

Step 3. Create the second address

If you want to stick with only one receiving address, you can do this. But we strongly advise you to use multiple wallets. You don't have to go overboard, but 3-4 wallets is a good option. 

To add the second address, click on the button shown at the screenshot. 

Create the second ouptut wallet

Next, specify the address for the second wallet. 

Now we need to adjust the delays for the two wallets. 

Set the delays for the two wallets

Here, it makes sense to adjust them as far away from each other as possible. This will deliver the highest obfuscation and protection against the blockchain analysis.

Step 4. Set the fees

Blender.io enables users to pick the fees for their mixing operation within the range from 0.5 up to 2%. While you can find the sites with the fees at the lower end of this range, you might decide to use this tumbler due to the unlimited number of wallets here. 

In addition, the higher the rates you choose, the more uneven distribution between the wallets you will enjoy. 

Click the field and set the needed fee. 

Adjust the fees at Blender.io

Step 5. Use the mixing code

The mixing/mix code is a popular feature offered by the Bitcoin tumblers. It enables you to ensure that you won’t receive any of the coins you've previously cleaned at the services in return for the Bitcoins you've just input. 

Where to input the mixing code

If you mix the coins for the first time, you won't yet have the code to be used here. But whenever you go through this process till the end (which we'll talk about in the next steps), you'll receive the mixing code and this is where you input it. 

Step 6. Save the mix code

Now that we have filled out all the fields at this page, click the Mix Coins button at the bottom of the page. You'll be transferred to the next one.

Scroll down until you see the mixing code you have to save. 

How to save the mixing code

Step 7. Download and save the Guarantee Letter

Before you send the Bitcoins to the service you should download and save the Guarantee Letter.

Save the Letter of Guarantee

This document is a proof that the wallet address you see is actually owned by the mixer in question and there's no phishing or other attacks being done on you. In addition, the Letter of Guarantee serves as a proof that you did send the funds to the website. 

Without this document, the support team might not want to talk when you reach out to them in case of a problem. And though we don't expect that there won't be any problems throughout the process, it's still always a good idea to safeguard yourself against unpleasant surprises.

Step 8. Send the Bitcoins

Now you can furnish the coins to the specified wallet.

You can either copy and paste the address itself or use the QR code for convenience. 

Send Bitcoins to Blender.io

The service says that it takes no less than three confirmations for the transaction to get recognised by the tumbler. Thus, you don't have to worry if the transfer isn't getting recorded right away. 

In addition, sometimes the Bitcoin network is highly congested with all transactions taking a bit more time to get processed than usually. All you need to do is stay calm and wait for the payment to go through. 

At the same time, you can always reach out to the support team and ask them to check up on your transaction. But, first, go to the blockchain explorer and see the data for yourself. Blockchain.com has the most popular explorer on the market.

Step 9. Monitor the transactions

After you've sent in the Bitcoins, you can monitor the transactions recorded on the blockchain. 

How to monitor transactions

To do that, you should first reload the page and then see whether the transactions that you've initiated have been recorded yet.

How much time do I have to send the payments to the mixer? 

Users are allowed to send the payments to the same receiving address within 24 hours. Any subsequent transactions will not be seen as valid.

If you don't want to worry too much about the time, you can always create a new mixing gig from scratch. 

When does mixing Bitcoins make sense? 

Though many believe that Bitcoin is completely anonymous, it's far from so. In fact, Bitcoin is pseudonymous. 

This means that Bitcoin wallets can be created and used to send and receive payments without any need to connect them to your identity. In this way, Bitcoin is completely anonymous. 

However, the minute you connect your wallet to your identity, the whole history of your transactions on the blockchain gets known to anybody in the world. So, if you do this, then this will be equal to a person getting access to your bank records. 

Thus, some users receive and pay with Bitcoins for years, without worrying too much about the confidentiality and protection for their financial data. But at some point they start thinking that maybe they are sharing a bit too much with the rest of the world. 

This is where mixers come in. And here's the List of Best Bitcoin Mixers out there!

Instead of waiting for this moment to occur in your life, you can use one or another mixer service to process all of your transactions. This will allow you to simultaneously benefit from using the crypto that you love while also keeping your finances hidden from random people. Just like at a bank where you also take certain measures to prevent the disclosure of your personal information. 

And if you compare various tumblers, you'll see that each of them has a specific feature that differentiates it from the competition out there. Blender.io offers you the unlimited number of output wallets, while, for example, ChipMixer is all about gamification.

Does Blender.io assure the significant security and protection?

This mixer doesn’t store any logs which is important for such services. This means that no information is being stored for the use by other parties. In an event that the tumbler is required by other persons or law enforcement agencies to turn any data about its users, they won't have anything to present to those since there's the no-logs policy in place here.

To successfully protect your financial information, look through this Blender.io review and adjust all the features to the max. Distribute the payments across 4-7 wallets, place the delays between them far away from each other and max out the fees in order to achieve a highly uneven percentage distribution. This will provide a high level of obfuscation and randomization, eliminating the risk of privacy leaks and blockchain analysis attacks.


If you specifically look for a mixer that offers the unlimited number of output wallets, Blender.io might be the best pick for you out there. As you can see, it's pretty easy to use and the design is user-friendly. You can adjust the fees in the way that you want to further randomize your transactions. The maximum amount at 2000 BTC is pretty impressive. And if you need to tumble a large amount of coins, you should definitely consider this mixer.

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