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BitCloak Review: Super Fast Processing

Detailed review of BitCloak mixer

If you are looking for a Bitcoin mixer that offers the high processing speed, BitCloak might be the best option. Users can expect to receive the clean Bitcoins just after one confirmation on the blockchain! This is truly some of the fastest tumblers we've analysed. In this BitCloak review we provide you with a detailed walk-through at the service and explain all the terms used in this niche.

Standard Features

Unique Features

Clearnet URL: https://bitcloak43blmhmn.com/
Onion URL: http://bitcloak43blmhmn.onion/
Minimum Deposit: 0.002 BTC
Fees: 2% + 0.0004 BTC/address
No-Logs Policy: No data
Additional Addresses: 10
Distribution Control: No
Time Delay: Yes (8 hours), but no control by individual address
Letter of Guarantee: Yes

1. Fast processing time (only 1 confirmation is needed)

2. Up to 10 receiving addresses (higher than on many mixers)

3. Enables multiple payin transactions

Is it a scam? 

No, it's clear that BitCloack is not a scam project. The mixer runs active threads on Bitcointalk and Reddit. There are lots of positive reviews from real users. 

Who's the tumbler best for?

It's clear that BitCloak is all about speed. As compared to other mixers which build on some other features (for instance, ChipMixer enables gamification and randomization), BitCloak offers a pretty bleak UI/UX and some major features are missing here. But it’s among the fastest mixers around, and you’ll successfully clean your coins jost in one confirmation on the blockchain!

How to use BitCloak?

In this review, we offer a detailed description for all the steps you need to take at the mixer. You’ll get to know how to clean the Bitcoins and make payments while assuring full anonymity of your transaction. At the end of the article you’ll find the answers to the major questions that you might have such as whether it makes sense to mix Bitcoins at all.

Step 1. Pick BTC or Bitcoin Cash 

If you wish to clean Bitcoins, then go to the site's main page and scroll down a bit. And if you need to mix Bitcoin Cash, click on the menu shown in Field 2 and pick "BCH" there. The process described above is fully identical both for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. 

Choose between BTC or Bitcoin Cash at BitCloakStep 2. Choose between the mix/pay operations

Scroll down a bit and you'll see two buttons: Mix My Bitcoins! and Pay Anonymously!. 

Choose mix or pay operationWhen you click on the first one, you'll get transferred to the next window. 

Step 3. Specify the first payout address

Now you need to specify the first receiving address where the service is to send the cleaned Bitcoins. If you aren't sure you understand what all of this means, check out our Guide on Bitcoin Mixers first! It gives you all the information you need to successfully use tumblers and ensure your anonymity on the blockchain.

Specify the first receiving addressStep 4. Specify multiple addresses

BitCloak enables users to specify up to 10 receiving addresses. To do this, you need to copy and paste the addresses one by one into the input field, using the "-" symbol in order to separate them. 

Here's how that would look like. 

Specify the multiple addressesIt’s not that convenient, we know. But this is how BitCloak works!

How many addresses should you use?

There's a big debate as to how many additional addresses you are supposed to employ in order to effectively anonymize your transactions on the blockchain. We believe that it's completely sufficient to use around 3-5 wallets, i.e. using 10 wallets might be excessive and very inconvenient. 

And BitCloak allows you to split the outbound payment across up to 10 addresses. However, it's not just the number of addresses that matters for your efforts to guard against the blockchain analysis and privacy leaks. It's also about using the distribution percentages and payout delays which we'll talk about in a bit. 

Step 5. Specify the maximum amount

At BitCloak, you actually need to specify the maximum amount that you plan to deposit to the service. This is a very unique function, and it's hard to remember another tumbler that does this. 

Just in case, input the maximum amount that’s a bit higher than what you plan to deposit. Use Field 1, shown at the screenshot. 

Indicate the maximum amountStep 6. Specify the delay

When mixing your Bitcoins, it's always a good idea for you to set up a certain delay between the payin and payout transactions. Otherwise, blockchain analysts might connect the dots and tie the sending and receiving addresses to each other. In particular, such transactions draw significant attention from analysts whenever a large amount is involved.

At BitCloak, you can specify the delay for up to 8 hours. Unfortunately, it's impossible to set specific delays for each output address which means that the system will apply them altogether at the same time or might randomize them on its own.

Thus, it seems to us that the team doesn't seek to offer a lot of good features for those users who employ multiple addresses and instead focuses only on those visitors who use the single receiving address. 

Use the buttons in the field in order to set up the delay.

Adjust the delay period for the operationIf you leave the field empty, the system will default to the immediate payout which means that the coins will be disbursed as soon as they are ready. 

Step 7. Save the Letter of Guarantee

Now that we've adjusted all the settings for the mix operation, click the "Mix My Bitcoins!" button. You’ll get transferred to the next page. 

Here, you first need to scroll down a bit and see the "Get PGP proof" button. 

Download the PGP Letter of Guarantee from BtCloakClick on it. You'll see the written confirmation as to the fact that the specified address is really owned by the mixer. The Letter of Guarantee is widely used by the mixers in order to prove that you aren't being driven into a phishing scam or anything like that. 

Make sure you securely save this information on your computer and maybe on another device as well. This document is the only proof that you've transferred any coins to BitCloak. In case of any problems, the support team will request that you present his information. And without it, they might refuse to assist you.

Step 8. Save the mixer ID

Another piece of data you need to save is your mixer ID. 

Save the mixer IDDon't confuse the mixer ID used at this service in order to check the progress of your transaction and a mixing code offered by some tumblers in order to verify that you don't receive back your own coins. 

Step 9. Review the final amount 

Since the tumbler charges you a randomized fee which oscillates around 2% + 0.0004 BTC/address (the blockchain mining fee), you might want to review the final amount that is to be transferred to your receiving address. 

Here's where you'll find this information. 

Review the final amount after the feesStep 10. Deposit the coins to the service

Now that you have saved the Letter of Guarantee and the mixing ID, you can safely deposit the Bitcoins to the site. 

Depois Bitcoins to BitCloakThere are two options. You can either copy and paste the wallet address or you can use the barcode for your convenience. 

Step 11. Check the mix progress

You can close the browser window and come back to the service in a couple of hours if you haven't received the coins to the receiving address yet. 

To check up on the progress of your transaction, go to the main page and click the button "MIX YOUR BITCOINS" in the top bar.

Check the status of the mixing operationOn the next page, scroll down to the section "Check the progress of your mix". In the input field, specify the mixing ID and click the "CHECK STATUS!" button. 

The status section at the siteYou'll get transferred to the window with the information on the transaction's progress. 

How to make payments via BitCloak 

You can also use BitCloak as an intermediary layer when making a payment in Bitcoins. The process is pretty similar to the one described above.

To use this function, go to the main page and click the button "PAY ANONYMOUSLY". 

Pay anonymously with Bitcoins at BitCloak

When does it make sense to use BitCloak?

As we've discussed above, this tumbler will be a perfect choice whenever you need to mix the coins asap.

The mixer charges the 2% commission on the transactions which is much higher than the fees you can find at other services. 

In addition, it's not possible to set up the distribution percentages and payout delays for each individual receiving address. 

In certain circumstances, you might decide to do the first mix at BitCloak and perform secondary cleaning operations at another tumbler which allows for better UX and functionality. BitMix is a good option to consider in this regard. 

Does it make sense to mix Bitcoins at all? 

In case you are wondering whether you actually need to invest time and effort into mixing your Bitcoins in the first place, BitCloak's FAQ page gives a pretty good description on the use cases when you might want to safeguard your privacy. 

You are advised to take additional efforts in order to keep your transactions private when you receive remuneration for your work, buy Bitcoins from cryptocurrency exchanges and intend to use the coins as a long-term investment or actively actively trade various currency pairs. 

Bitcoin isn't anonymous despite what many believe. The technology is only pseudonymous which means that the wallet addresses are completely depersonalized and they'll stay this way forever. But, the moment you decide to connect the wallet address with your identity, the whole world gets to know the full history of your finances - down to the first transaction you’ve ever made. And this is pretty scary. That's why it always makes sense to take precautions and use a mixer to keep your trail safely anonymized and concealed from prying eyes.


BitCloak is the fastest Bitcoin mixer we've seen around. It enables users to receive payments only after one confirmation on the blockchain. And it looks like the team focuses on this very use case. When working on this BitCloak review, we found out that the service lacks the functions that are pretty widespread among the competitors, including the distribution percentages between the payout wallets, delay periods by individual address and a mixing code to avoid receiving back your own coins. But, at the end of the day, if you look for speed, you should visit the BitCloak's site and see for yourself. You can always do a “deeper cleaning” via another mixer with more settings and features.

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