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FoxMixer Review: Focus on Security

Detailed review of FoxMixerFoxMixer is a Bitcoin tumbler that focuses on security and user data protection. Here you’ll find all the standard features available at Bitcoin mixers, including payout delays, distribution percentages and multiple output addresses. In this FoxMixer review we’ll take you through all the stages within the process at the tumbler so that you can mix your Bitcoins with ease.
Standard FeaturesUnique Features
Clearnet URL: https://www.foxmixer.com/
Onion URL: http://foxmixer6mrsuxrl.onion/
Minimum Deposit: 0.002 BTC
Fees: 1%
No-Logs Policy: Yes
Additional Addresses: 3>
Distribution Control: Yes
Time Delay: Yes (48 hours)
Letter of Guarantee: Yes

1. Transaction origin randomization is used to assign the nodes located in other countries, further preventing blockchain analysis

2. Deep mempool analysis identifies predominant amounts of transactions being processed at a particular time and places your tx among similar ones

3. Toggle between relative/absolute distribution percentages with the absolute option useful when making a purchase

Is FoxMixer a scam?

No, this Bitcoin tumbler isn’t a scam. You can use it to tumble your coins. The team emphasizes their focus on security and protection for confidential data.

How to use this tumbler?

In this review, we’ll provide you with a detailed description for all steps you need to take in order to «wash» the coins at FoxMixer. In addition, we’ll provide pertinent comments on specific functions.

Step 1. Start the mix

At the first stage, go to the mixer’s site and click the Start button, shown at the screenshot below.

Start the mix

After you’ve clicked the button, a new console will open above where we’ll need to adjust the setting for the mix operation.

Step 2. Adjust settings for the first wallet

Let’s take a look at the console the system has opened.

First wallet settings

Copy and paste the receiving address into Field 1 shown at the screenshot above. (Are you new to mixing? Read our Guide to Bitcoin Mixers. Cover the basics — receiving addresses, no-logs policy, blockchain analysis and mempool analysis!)

If you need to use multiple receiving addresses, we are going to talk about this later on, but now let’s focus on just one address. 

Adjusting the delay period

You can also toggle the slider in order to adjust the delay period. It’s a pretty important setting as it enables you to effectively protect your transactions from prying eyes. You’d be better off with setting up a pretty long delay period. Say, 40 hours.

The maximum here is 48 hours and the minimum is 2 hours. If you are in a hurry, use BitMix. There, coins go through right after the first confirmation, i.e. after 1 hour.

Step 3. Add the second address

Though it’s possible to use only one payout address, you are strongly advised to split the output transaction among multiple wallets. This serves to better protect your footprint against the blockchain analysis.

To add the second address at FoxMixer, click the Plus button shown at the screenshot below.

Add the second wallet

The console will appear where you can adjust the mixing settings for the second wallet. 

Adjust the settings for the second wallet at FoxMixer

Specify the wallet address in Field 1, just as you did for the first wallet. 

Then, you can toggle the slider to identify the delay period. The best strategy here is to ensure that the delay periods for the first and second wallets differ a lot. This will spread your payouts across the timeline for better obfuscation.

How to set up distribution percentages in FoxMixer?

In this Bitcoin tumbler, you have two options to split your payments.

Option 1. Using the relative percentages

The first option is to use the relative distribution percentages. In the screenshot below, you can adjust the percentage for the first wallet in Field 1.

Adjust the distribution percentages for the two wallets

This will automatically change the share of your Bitcoins in Field 2. And since there are only two wallets in play, you can just toggle the first wallet’s slider and be done with it. 

You should always seek to split your distributions in an unequal and randomized manner. Otherwise, the blockchain analyst will be able to put two and two together and track your transactions.

Option 2. Using the absolute percentages

Another way to split the payments is to specify the exact amounts you want to receive to each of your two wallets. 

First, click on the Wrench button to the right of the first wallet, as shown in the image below. 

Swtich to the absolute percentages

In the opened menu, switch to the Absolute Percentages option and click the Close button. 

Select the absolute distribution option in the menu

Now, the system will close your second wallet and you’ll be left only with the first one. Just create the second wallet again.

As you can see in the image below, you don’t see the percentages anymore, but just the absolute amounts in BTC. 

Specify the BTC amounts in the menu

It’s easy to use FoxMixer as an intermediary stage in your payment transaction. Just specify the other person’s wallet as the first address and indicate the exact amount you want them to receive in Field 1.

You can leave Field 2 empty. In this case, the tumbler will first send out the required amount to the first address and then furnish the remaining change to the second wallet.

Step 4: Add the third wallet

Use the three wallets at FoxMixerYou can output transactions to only three wallets at FoxMixer. This is actually a pretty low number. The explanation for this might be that the team is already doing an amazing job on obfuscating your payment trail on the blockchain. And, thus, they don’t see the need to enable you to specify a large number of payment addresses. 

This goes to the heart of the debate as to how many outbound accounts you should use when mixing Bitcoins. Of course, there’s no specific answer to this question, but you’d always be better off with around 3-5 addresses. So, if the three wallets that FoxMixer offers are OK, move on. And if you want to get more of them, try ChipMixer where the number of wallets is completely unlimited.

Step 5. Using the mixing code

The mix code is used in order to make sure that you’ll never receive your own coins back.

Whenever you are using a Bitcoin tumbler for the first time, there won’t be any code for you to use. 

But, you’ll get one after the first transaction. Subsequently, you will find the mixing code from the previous transaction in your Letter of Guarantee. We’ll talk about this in a bit. 

If you always use the mixing code from the last transaction at the mixer, this means that all your previous operations are covered by the code and there’s absolutely no chance that you’ll get back your own Bitcoins. 

Here’s the field for you to enter the mixing code if this is not your first transaction at FoxMixer.

Place the mixing code at the service

Now that we’ve adjusted all the settings at the tumbler, let’s move on with the process. 

Step 6. Save the Letter of Guarantee

Click on the START MIXING button. You’ll get transferred to the next page.

You should first scroll down a bit and find the Download button for the Letter of Guarantee, shown in the screenshot below.

Download the Letter of Guarantee

The Letter of Guarantee is the only proof that you’ve actually transferred any coins to the mixer. This is a very important document since the system doesn’t support any form or registration or personal account in order to assure the highest level of anonymity for its users. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the transaction, the support team will request you to produce this file. 

Though the section above asks you to send the Bitcoins first, you should always precede with downloading the Letter of Guarantee. Importantly, if you do send the coins and something goes wrong — for instance, your browser crashes — you’ll have nothing to prove that you did send the coins. That’s why you should always first save the Letter of Guarantee and send the coins to the address only after that. 

Step 7. Calculate the final amount

In some cases, you might want to calculate the final amount you’ll transfer to the receiving address before you actually pay in the Bitcoins. In order to do that, go to the bottom of the page and specify the amount you’ll furnish to the mixer in Field 1. 

Calculate the final amount

The system will show the payout amount. 

Review the actual amount you'll receive

Step 8. Pay in the Bitcoins 

Go to the top of the page and copy the specified address. 

Deposit the bitcoins to the specified address

Make sure you send your Bitcoins within 48 hours since any transfers won’t be valid after this time runs out. FoxMixer validates the funds receipt only after 6 confirmations on the blockchain. This is a pretty lengthy period of time, but this is not a reason for concern if you aren’t in a hurry.

Step 9. Go to the status page

Click on the Go to Status button in the middle of the page. 

Go to the status page

You’ll get transferred to the next page where you’ll be able to monitor the status of the transaction. 

Review the data at the status page

You shouldn’t use the same payin address for more than just one transfer. You can just launch another mix operation instead. 

FoxMixer cares a lot about user’s security

Using the advanced technologies such as deep mempool analysis and transaction origin randomization, the tumbler empowers users with stronger protection of their confidential data.

The mempool analysis provides for the system to continuously review the transaction amounts queued for the placement on the blockchain. It makes sure that the user’s transaction is delayed till the time when other transactions of the similar amount are recorded.

The origin randomization is achieved thanks to the fact that FoxMixer owns a large number of nodes located globally. Thus, the system automatically assigns the IP addresses from other countries, further obfuscating the path of the funds on the blockchain. 

In contrast to almost all other mixers, FoxMixer may sometimes break the payouts into several transactions. The team says that they choose to do this in order to enable the highest level of protection whenever they deem this necessary. 

FoxMixer can be used both on desktop and mobile thanks to the fully responsive design. The support team is available 24/7 and seeks to clear up any questions the users might have.


FoxMixer is a great mixer which is easy to use. Both beginners and sophisticated Bitcoin traders will find it suitable for their needs. The team is focused on delivering higher security and anonymity. The use of origin randomization, deep mempool analysis and transaction split in multiple payments serve to effectively obfuscate the funds path. In this FoxMixer review we’ve provided the answers to all major questions you might face when dealing with this mixer, but if you still have some queries left unanswered, you can familiarize with the service’s FAQ. This Bitcoin tumbler offers only 3 output addresses. However, if this is enough for you, you should give this mixer a try.

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